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The season of mists and mellow fruitfulness is upon us. The woods are lit faintly gold with the last of the summer sun.

You hear the rushing of waters wild. See the smoke trail from an autumn bonfire and relish its woodsmoke tang -- its taste in your mouth like a pint of fine dark stout. And somewhere in the brassy distance the sounding of the horn, signaling to the hounds.

The Hunter tie arrives in your wardrobe tweedy and confident. Glowing in the rich russets and deep loamy browns of a ramble round the countryside. Wear it with corduroys, striped shirts, brogues and absolutely anything Barbour. The smell of dogs and a couple of spent cartridges in your pocket. Bon Chic Bon Genre.

Handmade, Thickness: Medium thick, Width: 7,5 cm, Dry Clean only

Category: Silk & Wool Blend Ties

Type: Tie

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